Incontinence Pads

Sizes and Blends
Our incontinence pads come in different sizes and blends.

● 902 M – Poly/Cotton – 34×36″
● 905 M – Poly/Cotton – 34×36″
● 902 D – Poly Brushed – 34×36″
● 905 D – Poly Brushed – 34×44″
● 902 E – Flannel – 34×36″
● 905 E – Flannel – 34×44″

These come in various colors such as White, Blue, Green, Tan, and Pink.

They are available in 6 oz, 8 ozs, and 10 ozs, to meet the needs of patients and residents.

Our incontinence pads are designed with the highest quality materials to provide maximum absorbency while keeping the mattresses dry.

Machine Washable
These are machine washable and that makes them very easy to clean and reuse over and over again.

Incontinence can be a difficult and sensitive issue for many patients and residents in healthcare facilities. Our incontinence pads provide a reliable solution for managing incontinence while maintaining dignity and comfort.

Contact us today to place your order and we will help you find the right product for your healthcare facility.

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