PPE Products (Non-medical)

We offer different types of face masks, including N95 respirators, disposable masks, and reusable cloth masks.

Our gowns are made with high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable. Disposable gowns are also available.

Face Shields:
Face shields are designed to provide full-face protection and are made with durable and lightweight materials.

Isolation Gown – Poly/Carbon

● Blend: 99% Polyester – 1% Carbon
● Color: Yellow gown, white knitted cuffs
● Reusable, Fluid Resistant, Anti-Static
● Up to 75 washes
● Overlap back, twill tie neck & back waist
● Sweep 60” / Length 48”

Isolation Gown – Poly/Cotton

● Blend: 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester
● Color: Yellow color, white knitted cuffs
● Overlap back, twill tie neck & back waist
● Reusable, Washable

Isolation Gown – 100& Polyester

● Thread count: 250
● Color: yellow
● One size
● Sweep 60” / Length 48”
● Fluid Resistant
● Water repellent

Disposable Isolation Gown

● Color: Blue
● Waterproof
● Fluid Resistant
● Non-sterilization
● Long sleeves

Disposable Face Mask (Non-medical)

● Layers: 3
○ Outer layer: Blue non-woven
○ Filling: Melt-blown
○ Inner layer: White non-woven
● Size: 17.5×9.5cm

N95 Face Mask (Non-medical)

● Layers: 5
○ 2 layers: White non-woven
○ 2 layers: Melt-blown
○ 1 layer: Hot air cotton

Face Shield PET (Non-Medical)

● Face Shield PET Anti Fog
● Color: Transparent
● Size: 32×22 cm
● Adjustable harness
● Foam strip
● Wipeable
● Light-weight
● Reusable

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential in healthcare facilities to protect patients, staff, and visitors from the spread of infection and disease.

Our PPE products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, to ensure that your healthcare facility is fully equipped to provide the best possible care.

Our PPE product line includes a wide range of products such as face masks, gowns, face shields, and more.

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