Kitchen linens

Our kitchen linen collection includes:

Kitchen Towels
Our kitchen towels are made from absorbent materials and come in a range of sizes and styles.
Glass Towels
These are made from very soft and lint-free materials to prevent scratching the glass surfaces. They’re available in different sizes and designs.
Dish Cloths
Our washable and reusable dish clothes made from very absorbent materials come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs.

Tea Towels
These come in different sizes and designs to match your needs.
For protecting your clothes from the everyday mess our aprons are a perfect choice. They are made with special coatings and finishes to make them more resistant to stains and spills. Different styles and designs are available.

We believe that the choice of linens makes a huge difference to your kitchen. At NOAH ARK LINEN, we offer a collection of kitchen linens that comes in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes to suit all your needs.
From kitchen towels and tablecloths to aprons and napkins, we have something for every kitchen, whether it be in your home or in your industry.
We understand your demands and choices, We deliver it.

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