Bar Mops

Ribbed, White
Our ribbed, white bar mops come in these sizes:
● 15×18” – 20 ozs
● 16×19” – 24 ozs, 26 ozs, 28 ozs
● 17×30” – 32 ozs

Centre-Striped Bar Mops
We also have center striped bar mops that help in easy identification and organization in a busy industrial environment.
Sizes and colors available are as following:
● 16×19” – 24 ozs, 30 ozs, and 32 ozs.

Bar Mops are available in different sizes and colors.

● White with Blue center stripe
● White with Gold center stripe
● White with Green center stripe

We at NOAH ARK LINEN produce such Bar Mops that are durable and easy cleaning tools made from highly absorbent material. These are the perfect cleaning option for any commercial kitchen or bar. Our bar mops are designed in such a way that you can add them to your cleaning routine. These wipes are ideal for any restaurant, hotel, bar, or any other food service.

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