Salon towels

Salon Hand Towels
Our salon hand towels are bleach resistant and are available in the following colors:
Burgundy, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Chocolate Brown, Egg Plant, Charcoal Grey & Black

The size of our hand towels is 16×27” while weighing 2.8 lbs/dzn.

Wash Cloth/Face Towel/Makeup Wipe
These are also bleach resistant.
Colors: Black only.
Sizes: 12×12” 1 lb, – 13×13” 1.5lbs
White Hand Towels
Our white hand towels are available in the following size
Size: 16×27 – 3 lbs
Face Cradle Covers
These come in white color only and are a perfect fit for covering your face cradles. These are of flannel deluxe quality and are in fitted style.

Why choose our Salon Towels? If you are even a bit aware of any spa or a salon or any other type of business in the hospitality industry, you must have known that the right kind of towels are a huge part of Customer Experience at any place.

Our Salon Towels are perfect for use in spas, salons, hotels, and more. They can be used for hair services, facials, and body treatments, as well as for drying off after a shower or swim. They are also an excellent option for gyms, fitness centers, and sports clubs. So what are you waiting for? Grab them and begin your journey to a more comfortable life.

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