Shop towels

Shop Towels

Choose whatever you like from the following sizes and colors:

● 18×18” Greige un-bleached, 175 lbs/bale
● 14×15” Washed Natural
● 18×30” Greige un-bleached, 1500 pcs/bale
● 14×14” Bleached White
● 14×14” Red and Blue color

Our shop towels, also known as printer towels, are manufactured with 100% cotton. These can be washed over and over again for the purpose of reusing them.

Perfect for general cleaning tasks in your shop or garage.
Shop towels are made keeping in view the demand for tough industrial and automotive cleaning purposes. These are great for wiping down machinery and other types of equipment.

Our shop towels are a perfect fit for the cleaning tasks in you service stations, garages, factories, and other industrial settings.

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